Expressing an Opinion Without Harassment

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, and I have collected several "friends" who seem to be pretty hardcore conservative, and they were saying some pretty aggressive things that would be pretty impressive if they were to say it to someone's face. It made me think about the power of opinion online, … Continue reading Expressing an Opinion Without Harassment

I Do Not Know What To Write About

I want to write tonight before I go to bed. But I do not know what I want to write about-- I have so much on my mind currently. I could talk about the insane refugee issue everyone and their mother is talking about-- but the world does not need another 20 something who is … Continue reading I Do Not Know What To Write About

Generation Selfie

We currently live in a world where every average 20-something has a smartphone that is attached to the hip. With that smartphone, comes with being constantly plugged into music, engulfing ourselves in social media, and even taking selfie after selfie as a from of communication. Im referring to the extremely popular app called "Snapchat", and … Continue reading Generation Selfie