Why introvert student-athletes (mostly) don’t like college

I am going to start out by saying: I do not like college. College is not for me. I love learning, and the education side is something I love. It's the perfect opportunity to get out of my own head and the fear of judgement seems to melt away. Not to mention, being in a … Continue reading Why introvert student-athletes (mostly) don’t like college

Critique of “The Pain Scale” an essay by Eula Bliss

For my last semester of my senior year, I am not only taking a media criticism class, but I am also taking a non-fiction creative writing class and I am thoroughly enjoying both of them. As a journalism major, I find that the two of these taken together will make my work as a writer … Continue reading Critique of “The Pain Scale” an essay by Eula Bliss

I Do Not Know What To Write About

I want to write tonight before I go to bed. But I do not know what I want to write about-- I have so much on my mind currently. I could talk about the insane refugee issue everyone and their mother is talking about-- but the world does not need another 20 something who is … Continue reading I Do Not Know What To Write About

Nightly News | Nov. 13

In an effort to make my blog a little more appealing to my journalism professor, who considers this blog as a part of my grade, I thought of doing a few "in the news" posts. I thought this would also be interesting and good for myself, as I 'quit' all forms of social media last … Continue reading Nightly News | Nov. 13

It’s been a while– again. (Update on the student-athlete college life)

I'm about six weeks into my senior year of college, and I'm already preparing for my imminent death. I understand why there aren't thousands of college golfers running around trying to get a journalism degree. Being a senior journalism major means working at the University's newspaper... AND WORKING AT THE UNIVERSITY'S NEWSPAPER IS A FULL … Continue reading It’s been a while– again. (Update on the student-athlete college life)

Just Another Travelin’ Song

.... And all of a sudden I'm coming home in 2 weeks! Thanksgiving was last week and to take an early semester-end vacation, I went to Washington, D.C. to spend some time with my Aunt Heather! It was a very unique holiday, as every year up until now consist of wearing your Sunday best, and … Continue reading Just Another Travelin’ Song

Generation Selfie

We currently live in a world where every average 20-something has a smartphone that is attached to the hip. With that smartphone, comes with being constantly plugged into music, engulfing ourselves in social media, and even taking selfie after selfie as a from of communication. Im referring to the extremely popular app called "Snapchat", and … Continue reading Generation Selfie