Favorite Lip Colors For Fall

Aside from maybe California, Fall is officially here. Golfers are putting away the golf skirts and breaking out the pants. Your sleeveless polo is in hibernation until next Summer. For some people, that also means putting the nude lip colors to rest. It’s time for that burgundy lip! Or is it? Do you let seasons … Continue reading Favorite Lip Colors For Fall

I Do Not Know What To Write About

I want to write tonight before I go to bed. But I do not know what I want to write about-- I have so much on my mind currently. I could talk about the insane refugee issue everyone and their mother is talking about-- but the world does not need another 20 something who is … Continue reading I Do Not Know What To Write About

Is It Really So Wrong To Ship A Cat?

So, 3,000 miles might be a bit too much space now that I think of it. I knew I loved my family and friends, but I didn't think it would cause for mental breakdowns this often. That sure is a very blunt lead paragraph. This is another impromptu post to help me get some sleep. … Continue reading Is It Really So Wrong To Ship A Cat?

Generation Selfie

We currently live in a world where every average 20-something has a smartphone that is attached to the hip. With that smartphone, comes with being constantly plugged into music, engulfing ourselves in social media, and even taking selfie after selfie as a from of communication. Im referring to the extremely popular app called "Snapchat", and … Continue reading Generation Selfie

The Boredom Epidemic

For the first time in my life, I just did math homework that is due next week because I decided I had absolutely nothing better to do. Now, I am now currently in the library just typing away, because I think I've watched the socially accepted amount of Gossip Girl for one day. (6 hours … Continue reading The Boredom Epidemic

Don’t forget your sunscreen, California!

To end a LONG school/golf week, I spent my Friday for a long awaited beach day with Mike. Now that I am home, it feels like I had quite the busy day. But in reality, I literally sat around, got extremely sunburned, did some writing, and took about 2,000 photos. (There were a lot of … Continue reading Don’t forget your sunscreen, California!