Expressing an Opinion Without Harassment

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, and I have collected several “friends” who seem to be pretty hardcore conservative, and they were saying some pretty aggressive things that would be pretty impressive if they were to say it to someone’s face. It made me think about the power of opinion online, and in special cases, in person as well, and how it is being strongly misused by too many people.

There is often a stigma when an opinion is expressed by someone who does not have the job title that allows opinions to be expressed. By that I mean, if you aren’t Bill Maher or the editor of the Opinion section or Editorials section of The New Yorker or Washington Post,

“your opinion is not qualified– and please listen while I attack you with reasons why you are wrong.”

When people on social media express an opinion about something, there is someone out there who will ALWAYS reject it in an aggressive manner.

From the current trend that Jayden Smith started: those really hip drop crotch pants that sinch in at the ankles; to the heavier topics like women being able to take control of their own bodies or allowing every human being, regardless of sexual orientation to participate in marriage.

All of which I am in complete agreement of. Even the drop crotch pants. 

These pants are $85 at Nordstroms. What could possibly be wrong with this?
The human mind is very complex, and we are very lucky to be so unique in that way where everyone has their own special view of the world. No two people are alike. And that is completely acceptable! Different cultures and ideals are what make this world so important and exciting to live in. Individuals should have the right to believe what they want to believe, and they should not be scared of criticism from others who are not on that same wavelength.

However. This is a very touchy subject and it should be treated as such by not only the outsiders who comment, but the people who express their opinions as well.

{This is a public service announcement. The following are rules that everyone should follow in order to express an opinion in a civil, respectful manner, and nobody is excused from such.}

  1. Do not publish an opinion unless you have done the proper research and you are knowledgable on the subject. Ignorance will never be tolerated and such actions deserve the criticism it will inevitably receive.
  2. DO NOT express an opinion and justify it with, “just because”. It is important as human beings to express our cognitive efforts to the fullest of our abilities– there is a reason for everything. (Even drop crotch pants and platform shoes which have excitingly made a comeback.)
  3. (The following is a very tricky and controversial rule, so read at your own risk) While there is freedom of religion in this country, morality is more important. If you hate gay people because God told you to, that is not acceptable. So if your religion involves disrespecting or attacking other people for the mere reason of unaligning* life choices or orientations, please keep it to yourself. EVERYONE DESERVES AN EQUAL CHANCE AT LIFE REGARDLESS OF SEX, GENDER, ORIENTATION, ETHNICITY, AND EVEN RELIGION. 
  4. There is a difference between hating, and giving an opinion. Opinions should not insult other cultures or people. There are over a million words in the English language- and counting. If you are saying something is gross, lame, weird (using the most modest form of hatred); you aren’t trying hard enough.


People might think I’m naive, and in ways I believe it. I would just like to view the world in a positive way, and believe that there is not just a chance of positive change within our society, but that positive change is inevitable. We have so much opportunity in this country. With what is going on in the world right now, Americans are not looking too great, especially with Mr. Trump leading the masses currently. This massive population of people have so many hateful opinions and beliefs and they are not taking in anyone but themselves into consideration and that does not make for a well-oiled society.

It may be hard, but thinking about the rest of the country or the rest of the world before yourself is what America needs in order to make a happier life.

How are people going to accept your ideals if you don’t accept theirs? It’s not about who is right, it is about what works best for the people in this society.

That’s what life really is about, isn’t it?

Goodnight. (Even though it’s really 4pm.)


*everything is telling me that unaligning is not a word but I’m making it a word- it expresses what I am trying to say*



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