Nightly News | Nov. 13

In an effort to make my blog a little more appealing to my journalism professor, who considers this blog as a part of my grade, I thought of doing a few “in the news” posts.

I thought this would also be interesting and good for myself, as I ‘quit’ all forms of social media last week and in doing that I realized that I have no idea what is going on in the world. Apparently Facebook and Twitter were my only news outlets.. and that’s really sad and probably not very legitimate. So this kind of forces me to get back into the world, and practice news writing.

Lets get started:

Terrorist attack leaves over 150 dead in Paris, France

A group of suicide bombers with AK-47 rifles with an unknown affiliation scattered throughout the city of Paris killing hundreds of people in six different locations. Officers described it literally as a “horror scene” and a “bloodbath”.

TheĀ Charlie Hebdo attack in January resulted in heightened security at large events throughout the city. The soccer game vs. Germany and France was one of the locations, and because of the security at the match, the bombers set off the explosions outside of the premises, rather than the initial plan of going inside.

The city remains in complete shutdown, and the attackers have yet to be identified.

More obese women than men in America

We all know that America is one of the leading countries in the contest of obesity, (go us!) but there is a new study showing that out of the 1 in 3 obese adults, 42% of them are women. Now obviously the majority of these women are low to middle class citizens, usually minority races, but the question remains, Why Women? Men have taken the cake up until this year, so what caused the switch?

Apparently today was World Kindness Day; did you do anything kind today?

Yes, the internet invents a day for everything– mainly to celebrate cats (rightly so). But this one was actually developed by a ‘Kindness Coalition’ in 1998, where it has been strongly observed in countries such as Canada, Australia, and Japan.

While probably treated the same as national cereal day or national chocolate day (the first two things that came to mind, but I bet you they exist– look it up), a small non-profit called ‘Hello Perfect’ in Florida celebrated the holiday through social media. Members of ‘Hello Perfect’ went on Periscope– a live streaming video app, and recorded themselves doing kind acts, such as handing out care packages. The founder, Alexa Carlin, believes that by publicizing these ‘random acts of kindness’, others would be wanting to do the same.

In-n-Out delivery? Too good to be true.

I didn’t even know this was a thing (probably because willingly shutting myself out from the interwebs), and it’s already being sued for it. ‘DoorDash’ a third party food delivery service, has been going to In-n-Out, making orders, and delivering it to California college kids who wanted their double double animal style and a strawberry milkshake without having to leave their beds.

Unfortunately, In-n-Out was not okay with this, as they expressed the quality of their product was possibly being compromised by the delivery service, and has no control over it.

They have a point– if you don’t eat those french fries within 20 minutes of them being made, you may as well throw it in the trash; it quickly turns into cardboard. Both companies wait as the suit currently undergoes filing.

This is kind of just a test run. I kinda tried to do a nice balance of hard news and soft news… Not sure how often I will do this, but I think this is fun! I hope you enjoy my slightly informational/editorial/bloggy version of things goings going on today.



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