Bedtime Story: A fan fiction of Batman and Bruce Timm

*this is a short story about batman i wrote for my creative writing class and i thought i’d put this here* *enjoy??*

My Daddy is a really good storyteller. All my friends have T.V’s and video games—I have never really wanted any of those things before. I like the pictures I get to make in my head when my Daddy tells me stories like he does. They are our little secret—nobody gets to see them except for us. My room isn’t like the other kids’ rooms either. My parents let me draw on my walls. I draw whatever I want. Yesterday, before I went to school, I drew my favorite character that Daddy created just for me. Usually he’s all black—he likes nighttime the best. But I like pink and blue and yellow and orange, so I drew him all different colors. It makes my room look super pretty, even though my Mommy doesn’t seem to like it as much as I do.

Some people may think he is from a scary story, but he is just the opposite. He’s like the superheroes you see in those T.V’s and video games, but a little different. He can’t fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, climb walls like a spider, or pick up cars over his head. That’s too easy. Anybody can make up things like that. He’s just like you and me! He is really smart, and all he wanted to do is make his city a better place. I bet when I get older I can come up with a better name, but it’ll do for now—he’s our little secret anyways.

My name is Harley and I just finished the second grade. I learned how to read in the first grade, and that’s when Daddy bought me all my storybooks. I don’t really like princess stories, because they all seem the same, and I don’t want to be a princess when I grow up. I want to be just like Batman. After all, Daddy made Batman just for me.

He thought he had me fooled, but I was on his tail all along. I had him tracked over the past week through a program I developed in the cave. It’s finally time that he’d be sent to where he belongs. The Asylum. Along with all the other criminals that have been trashing this town for years. If it weren’t for me, Gotham would have fallen apart years ago.

It is the dead of night, show time. This wasn’t a time to bring the suit out into battle. This was a job for Bruce Wayne. Instead of going down to the bat cave to put on my bat suit, which I could trek the city in an instant without being spotted; the joker knew my real identity- but not Bruce. He is my real disguise. I go upstairs into my bedroom and put on my best suit. I button my white, collared shirt one by one, from bottom to top, and begin to assemble my bowtie. I’m not very good at making bowties, so it takes me a few tries as I fumble around with the black piece of tricky fabric. The suit is on, and I feel so out of my comfort zone, as usual. But this is the only way I can get him off guard, and not gather any unnecessary attention from the Police. I’d say they aren’t particularly the biggest fans of Batman.

People who know me as Bruce Wayne seem to think very highly of me. As the owner of Wayne enterprises, I do happen to have a lot of money, and am a big name in the business world. The tricky part of tonight is quickly bypassing all the people at this banquet who will want to talk to me. Men in suits sicken me—all they care about is money and fame and they will do whatever it takes to get there.

The Joker is up to something big. His activity tonight something I’d never seen before. But I feel more ready to strike than ever before. The Joker is going to be stopped. The Gotham City Police Annual Banquet is tonight, and he had big plans to take them down.

The bell rang! Finally, I can’t wait to get home from school. I love school, but I don’t like math, and a lot of the girls and boys aren’t very nice to me. They all say that I’m weird, and that I talk too much about my favorite things. I guess I just don’t have a lot in common with everyone at this school. Sometimes I wish I could go to a different town where I can make better friends. My daddy is my best friend—that’s one thing people make fun of me about. Except I don’t care! We always have so much fun together and he makes me so happy.

I stood outside waiting for Daddy to pick me up. I always stand by the American flag that stands so tall outside the school. I like that it is so big because I feel like it will protect me from the other kids. I think also it makes it easier for him to find me—I’m really small, but I know I’ll get bigger and taller in a little while. He drives a big yellow boxy car. It looks like it’s from a cartoon! When I ride in the backseat of it, I stuck my head out of the window like a dog.

The trees are bright red, and the wind makes the leaves wave at me as we drive by in our big yellow box. I love colors—one day my Daddy will make me a character that’s colorful like the trees. I flew like a bird through the wind, among the trees and I could see my house in the distance. It grew bigger and bigger and finally I can see our bright blue front door.

I walked into my room, and changed out of my school uniform. I don’t mind it—it’s a plaid jumper dress with red, white and black. I changed into my comfy clothes, which were a t-shirt that has Scooby Doo on it, and pants with black and pink polka dots (my favorite pants).

I sat down at the table in our kitchen, and did my homework as fast as I can. I held my pencil as tightly as I could so I wouldn’t drop it, and my other hand held the paper so it didn’t have a chance of slipping away (just in case.) All I wanted in that moment was story time.

HEY’YA Hun! The names Quinn! Harley Quinn, to be exact. I heard you heard of the Batman, huh? What a scumbag, ain’t he?? Tonight’s the big night—Mr. J and I are gonna show that pesky little bat who’s the REAL king of this town.

Yea, I know, I’m new around here, where am I supposed to get dat kind’a credibility I need to be respected around here? I’m wearin’ a checkered red, white, and black jumpsuit with ponytails on the top of my cranium for cryin out loud! And hey, if you don’t think this little number is just a total stunner, you better hit the road kid!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Mr. J is notorious around here! He’s the smartest, most talented—not to mention totally charming and handsome. And I’m his partner-in-crime! Literally! Can you believe it? I think I even may have fallen for the guy. Don’t worry, he don’t know it yet, but he’ll feel the same about me too soon—I can just sense the emotion building in that big green heart of his.

Woah, Woah, Woah, you don’t know who Mr. J is?? THE Joker? He’s the arch-nemisis to the Batman, and if you ask me, I’d say we’re on top in that little clash of ours. Yea yea yea, Batman has scuffed up poor little J a few times here and then. But whats that sayin’ everyone says? You can lose the battle and still win the war? Yea. That’s gonna be us after tonight, I’m tellin ya. Those Gotham cops are gonna get a real show tonight. I should have to charge ‘em for admission to see such entertainment!

I finally finished my homework! Of course, the night that my Daddy has a surprise for me, my teacher gives me really hard words to practice spelling! I promise you, I’m a really good reader… it’s just making the words that is not very easy for me.

I put my homework away into my bright pink backpack and put it on the kitchen counter so I wouldn’t forget it tomorrow morning after breakfast. I tend to forget things a lot—I’m always thinking about a lot of things at the same time! I know I’m only a second grader, but I’m a very busy girl—I’ve got stories to read and listen to! I want to learn how to make stories just like Daddy does.

I got into my jammies and opened my window before crawling into bed. I like opening my window to let the outside air fly inside my room. It feels good and I love the outside so much, this makes it seem like I’m sleeping outside with all the trees and the animals.

My chest is shaking in excitement for the surprise he has ready for me. I’ve been thinking about it all day—why did he wait until story time to tell me what it is?? He HAS to be adding a new addition to the Batman family I can just sense it. There hasn’t been a new character introduced into to the story in a long time, and we are at a really exciting part in the story right now! Batman is about to fight the joker without his costume on! It’s never happened before—but he’s doing it so the Joker won’t recognize him until it’s too late. Hmm…. There’s no way that the Joker can attack all of the policemen by himself! Ahh! Harley! Stop thinking! I don’t want to ruin the surprise!!

Hellooo, Joker here—hope you’re not coming to visit to ruin my big plans to take down that fun-ruiner of a man Batman! I hear you’ve met my little Harley Quinn, she’s just a darling, isn’t she? Ignore all the lovey-dovey stuff she goes on and on about, I just hired her cause I needed a distraction for tonight.

What distraction, you may ask? Well, I told my Harley darling to get dressed in her hottest little skirt and top, somethin’ to represent them police guys. You know, those skanky little Halloween outfits chicks wear? She’s gotta be lookin gorgeous when she jumps out of the big birthday cake we made for the Police Chief! It’s all from the heart really. Here’s to a great birthday for a swell guy, am I right?

Just jokin! You know me, I’m always up to no good, and this time I’ve come up with a plan to not only take down Gotham, but the bat himself is gonna go down with ‘em. Just wait, when everyone is watchin my little Harley do her little dance out of the cake and sing happy birthday to the Chief, no one will even notice the collection of explosives I’ve gathered and will detonate under the birthday boy’s chair. Everybody wants their birthday to end with a bang!!

I do have a little birdy tellin me that Batman is gonna be there to ruin the party. Ya see, he ain’t invited, and all these coppers aren’t gonna be too thrilled when they see their favorite criminal waltzin in the ballroom like he’s welcome here! This plan is full proof; finally, the one time where the cops back me up on somethin’.

Don’t you worry about Mr. J, folks. All my doin’ will be behind the scenes, runnin through the shadows through places where nobody’s lookin! I’m a smart gentlemen, as a matter of fact. Batman may have all the tools, but I’ve got all the tricks to THIS trade—Commissioner Gordon is goin down.

So there he was, all suited up in his tuxedo and ready to take down the Joker once and for all, without a disguise to hide behind. Batman was scared but he had to do it because he knew that the Joker wouldn’t be able to recognize him for a second! Nighttime rolls around, and he arrives in his limousine. He looks exactly as he should. His outfit just reeks of money, and the shine of his shoes could blind anyone who was to look down at them. It was the outfit of Bruce Wayne, Gotham business billionaire.

Men with cameras who took pictures of important people for a living were everywhere, flashing lights from every angle. This overwhelmed the Batman and wished he could hide behind his mask—but this was a job for Bruce.

He sits down with fellow staff of Wayne Enterprises, and begins to make small talk, just so his presence was known and wouldn’t be bothered later on as he would search for the Joker and whatever he has planned for the Commissioner. As he stands up to start looking for clues, the double door entrance to the banquet room swoops open and this enormous cake, the size of, (well—you, Harley!) is being pushed across the room into the middle of the floor. A young man, who seemed to be some sort of bus boy, hit play on this jukebox he had on a strap wrapped across his body. The tune of Happy Birthday starts, and everyone in the room begins to sing! So far, everyone was enjoying the Joker’s little trick—except for one… can you guess who?

The Batman, or, Bruce, stands up and walks towards the Commissioner very subtly and gets his attention to come sit at his table so they could talk. The Joker was sitting up top in the ventilation system in the roof watching their every move. He didn’t like what was happening, because the bombs were strapped to his chair! So guess what happens, Harley! Here’s your surprise!

Harley Quinn, the Joker’s new assistant, all covered in white clown face makeup wearing two pig tails and in a cute little cop outfit to attract attention jumps out of the cake with sparklers in her hand, and starts singing Happy Birthday to the Commissioner! She jumps out of the cake and grabs the commissioner very politely, sits him back down in his chair, and slides him over to the middle of the room. Bruce didn’t have any idea who this woman was! He was in shock! This caused for even more suspicion— Where’s the Joker??

It was too late for that now. The face paint on Miss Harley Quinn gave too much away and he couldn’t wait any longer. He jumped across the room, and grabbed her and pinned her to the floor. He had to make a scene before it was too late.

“You’re too late hun! Nice outfit though, you should go without the mask more often cutie!” Harley Quinn said.

… and Harley Quinn pulled out a remote with a big red button, and threw it up into the roof, where the Joker poked his head out and caught it before gravity began to pull it back down.

“Finally! You thought your costume could fool me but I finally win!” the Joker said, and pushed the button, and Bruce could here the faint, yet quickly pacing beeping sound underneath the chair of the Commissioner, who by now is standing in confusion and anxiety. Bruce flies across the room yet again but this time to grab the chair, and throw it out the enormous window, which consumed the entire front side of the banquet room. The entire room of guests viewed a very unexpected form of explosions—almost like fireworks, but slightly deadlier.

“Daddy! Wait! You named the new character after me! I can’t wait to see what Harley Quinn does next… she does seem to really like the Joker, maybe they’ll fall in love, I bet no other super villain has had a girlfriend before…”



  1. Wow.  You are quite a writer.  I need to read this again to get it all.  Great job.   From: Madison: To: Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 8:28 PM Subject: [New post] Bedtime Story: A fan fiction of Batman and Bruce Timm #yiv7728572041 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7728572041 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7728572041 a.yiv7728572041primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7728572041 a.yiv7728572041primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7728572041 a.yiv7728572041primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7728572041 a.yiv7728572041primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7728572041 | madistyle posted: “*this is a short story about batman i wrote for my creative writing class and i thought i’d put this here* *enjoy??*My Daddy is a really good storyteller. All my friends have T.V’s and video games—I have never really wanted any of those things” | |

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