Just Another Travelin’ Song

…. And all of a sudden I’m coming home in 2 weeks! Thanksgiving was last week and to take an early semester-end vacation, I went to Washington, D.C. to spend some time with my Aunt Heather! It was a very unique holiday, as every year up until now consist of wearing your Sunday best, and eating pounds of food with the entire family (that is not currently on the other side of the Atlantic). I have to say, I am very proud of us girls because we made a very pretty and tasty meal for ourselves.

Come on, you can’t tell me thats kinda cool?

As the immune system gods decided to make me sick for the second time this November, lots of naps (and Mucinex. and NyQuil) were taken. However when we weren’t eating or when I wasn’t napping, we did do some exciting things in America’s beautiful capital.

I was quite fortunate because the weather was gorgeous for most of the week. Heather took us on this hike around- more like walk around. Although it got my pretty white vans dirty (I was not notified about the off-roading to be endured), I had too much fun. Heather made fun of me as I was in awe of the orange leaves and the awesome fall atmosphere I was surrounded by.

Also, Heather proved that just because she has robot boobs*, doesn’t mean she can’t still be awesome. On that day I learned that she takes “triple dog dares” very seriously. *robot boobs is what I decided to call the “expanders” she’s been dealing with since the big surgery. I’m sorry if I offend, but the term made me giggle.

We went to the Kennedy Center and watched this beautiful ballet/musical performance called, “Little Dancer”. But before that, we ate at this very classy restaurant called “Ris”. Not only did I get to eat the largest leg of lamb i’ve ever come into contact with, but Heather and I shared this magical lemon meringue pie that was infused with lavender.

Great things come in small packages!

I wore the nicest dress I own, and when we arrived at the Kennedy Center, I quickly realized that I do not live a lifestyle that is qualified to even associate with the word, “fancy”. In other words, I felt incredibly underdressed because not only was my glamorous Aunt in her perfectly assembled ensemble sitting next to me in our BOX seats, everyone around us looked like they were going to the Oscars. Despite it all, I had a wonderful time and absolutely adored the show. I have so much appreciation for ballet dancers- and I thought golf needed dedication and focus!

Here's the two of us before showtime. Thats the statue of the little dancer all boxed up!
Here’s the two of us before showtime. Thats the statue of the little dancer all boxed up!
I am a very spoiled Pookie. Heather and I have a blast going to the coolest places!
Thats the Kennedy Center across the way. p.s. Check out the gorgeous weather!

We had such a nice time that weekend. On Saturday, we watched Interstellar, pretended to do some Christmas shopping in Georgetown, and ate AMAZING sushi. If I lived in Georgetown, I would not have any money because the stores that they have are unreal. While Heather said no to the $600 leather jacket I wanted, I did buy a sweater from Urban Outfitters that was $90 and I got it for $25 (I’ve got nana’s bargaining touch)! After the movie, Heather insisted on going BACK to the store to buy a sweater that she found when we went the first time. That made my night.

On Sunday, we went to the National Geographic Museum, and the Museum of Art. We drank the most delicious hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted! Heather and I are going to try and make it ourselves this Christmas, and I’m pumped about it. At the Museum of Art, we saw the real Little Dancer sculpture that the play was based on and that was fascinating.

I loved every minute of staying with Heather, as it was a much needed time away from school, much adored time with Heather, and an amazing chance to stay in such a beautiful city.

I think it is so important to take time away from reality and travel. As much as i’d like to disagree, my life is relatively low-stress compared to the rest of the world, but there are times where I desperately need to run away for a while. Taking that time away from school to get away and be with family was such an amazing reset, just in time for finals! Even though I don’t have an insane life, how I felt before and after this trip is so different. Being somewhere different, and exploring is such an exciting and refreshing experience and I am so grateful I get to do it as much as I do. Whatever I may end up doing as a career, I hope it allows me to travel the world in the process.

I can’t wait for my next endeavor as Mike and I take our road trip to Monument Valley in Utah (and some other places along the way)!

Happy Holidays!

Be Happy!



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